We invite you to explore and get to know about Riverside Schools

Riverside Schools is a group of world-class institutions comprising of Crèche, Nursery, Primary (Montessori) and Secondary School, offering both Nigeria and British curricula. We create enabling environments for our students to discover themselves and also harness their full potentials in order to be useful to themselves and the society at large.

Are you looking for a safe, nurturing and creative environment that will optimize your child's development? Riverside is dedicated to providing a strong, supportive, progressive and happy place to learn. We foster respect and accountability in days filled with discovery, academic growth and fun.

Our programs meet the needs of children in each developmental period, and guide each individual child in all areas of growth: academic, emotional, physical and social.

Riverside College

Riverside College is a co-educational Day and Boarding institution established under divine vision and deep sense of responsibility to offer functional and dynamic education within the realities and challenges of this contemporary time.

The school is situated in an easy to access and conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning. We have developed an academic curriculum that fosters the formation of a morally based child.

Our Advantage

Active Learning Environment

Riverside Schools provide a safe, comfortable and modern learning environment for pupils. Modern electronic based classrooms and highly trained teachers together help us deliver value for the future generations.

Adequate Play Area

Play is the right of every child and we create play environments and activities that enable children of all abilities to play alongside one another. From play systems to freestanding play activities like swings and whirls, we design accessible products that foster friendships and encourage cooperative play.

School Bus

We understand the challenges of transportation in Lagos so we provide school bus pick-up and drop-off services. Our buses are air conditioned, drivers and chaperon are trained and courteous. Please ask for more details.

Friendly Environment

The school environment is peaceful, child friendly and gender equity is upheld and differences of class, caste and religion are accepted. Riverside Schools provides opportunities for children's participation are extended, both inside the classroom, and in the community.

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What our parents say about Riverside Schools
  • When Oluwadurotimi joined Riverside Montessori School he could barely write 1 to 20 but now he writes and identifies to 100 in barely two months. He is always excited to come to school and always excited to write. These days, he gives me etiquette lessons. He just turned 5.  
  • Our son started attending Riverside Montessori School in November 2018. We just moved to the OPIC area and we were looking for a good school for Semilore. My wife who was on a study permit together with Semilore outside Nigeria made some online research about schools in the area and noted down Riverside as a preferred choice together with another school. I visited Riverside to make enquiries and I was satisfied by the responses provided. The only fear we had was if he will be able to cope with the faster system of education (in Nigeria compared to the school he was attending abroad) plus numerous homework peculiar to Nigerian schools. The School Administrator, Mrs. Ugbor assured us that he would be fine. Well, this is his 3rd term now and we have not been disappointed for once. He has learnt and grown in knowledge at a fast pace. The methods of teaching are top notch and the depth of the curriculum is excellent. His class teacher, Mrs Babatunde was very kind to have given him some extra classes so he could catch up with his peers as he joined them late in his first term. Semilore is surely enjoying his new school and he is so disciplined about his home work that it is the first task he does on getting home every school day. We wish Riverside Montessori School a happy 10th anniversary and pray that the next 10 years will see the school soar to enviable heights.
  • Mr. & Mrs.Nwakalor
    It was as if the world was coming to an end when we saw our children performing below expectation, after putting in so much effort to ensure that all is provided to meet a desired standard. But like the saying goes, “dreams are dreams until you make them happen”...
    Mr. & Mrs.Nwakalor
  • Mrs. Bukola Adaghe
    It is my pleasure to recommend Riverside Montessori School to every well-meaning Nigerian. I have been a parent in the school for about 2 years now. When I brought my children, to the school in January 2012, I was a bit jittery that the environment was not in any way comparable to where we were used to; an upcoming school. I could remember the Administrator assuring us that “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”...
    Mrs. Bukola Adaghe
  • Mr. Bayo Rojugbokan, FCA
    Riverside Montessori School can best be described as a place of pride and a citadel of complete learning. I watch my two children learning and displaying knowledge of what they are taught in the school with wild amazement...
    Mr. Bayo Rojugbokan, FCA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Okediji
    Riverside Montessori School is a highly dynamic and innovative school. The school has really brought out the potentials in our children and worked on their weaknesses...
    Mr. & Mrs. Okediji

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